Bio Fermenter

We provide a complete range of fermenters that caters to the life science industry. These include skid-mounted mammalian cell culture reactors and fermenters. Coupled with extensive offerings, both upstream and downstream of the biological core process, these bio-reactors and fermenter’s form the nucleus of a fully integrated bioprocess suite.
Fermenter designs for both mammalian and prokaryotic systems ranges from a working volume of 20 to 1,00,000 Litres.
Completely, integrated CIP capability is available by integrating Padmatech Industries Pvt Ltd. CIP system with the reactors. This feature enables, complete CIP testing during factory acceptance testing (FAT) and ensures that the vital integration between process equipment and cleaning system supply is done right.
We at Padmatech Industries, design systems with building blocks such as:

  • Vessel Assembly
  • Agitation System
  • Inlet Gas Handling and Exhaust System
  • Temperature Control System
  • Liquid Addition System
  • Instrumentation System and Control

The process dictates the selection of the appropriate functional blocks. Our team of technical specialists is experts in configuring and customizing a reactor to meet a wide range of operational requirement.


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