Chemical & Pharmaceuticals Plant

We are the manufacturers and suppliers of the chemical and pharmaceutical project. We design and deliver the plant with our best design solutions on the basis of our years of experience and as per the requirement of our client.
We are proud to deliver energy efficient plants to the chemical and pharmaceutical industry solutions. Our turnkey projects are customized for requirements by many of our customers. We offer complete solutions including designing, manufacturing, installation, and commissioning of the processing plant in the chemical and pharmaceuticals sector.
Listed below are the solutions and equipment of our plants:

  • Vacuum Reactors (1 KL to 40 KL)
  • Cryogenic Reactors (1 KL to 40 KL)
  • High-Pressure Reactors (1 KL to 40 KL)
  • Columns (100 NB to 400 NB)
  • Condenser (2m2 to 200m2)
  • Receiver (Capacity: 50 lit to 1000 lit)
  • Piping Work
  • Centrifuge from 12 Inches to 48 Inches
  • Vacuum Tray Dryer (2m2 to 100m2 Area)
  • Atmospheric Tray Dryer (2m2 to 200m2 Area)
  • Chemical Storage Tanks and Handling.

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