Evaporation/Concentration Plants & Dryers

We are the manufacturers and suppliers of all kinds of Evaporation/Concentration plants including various drying systems. Drying systems are required in the applications of processing systems for fruit and vegetable, juices, industrial effluents, chemicals, bio-products, etc.
Evaporation is the process of removal of water from the solutions to increase the percent concentration of solute in the solution.
We design and deliver single effluent operations as well as multiple effective evaporation (MEE) based on process requirement.
We also suggest our customers with a solution to the requirement for shell and tube type evaporators, plate and frame type evaporators, falling films as well as forced circulation evaporators.
Our plants are designed as a skid mounted plants for smaller capacities and compact layout configuration.
We deliver the plants with fully automatic/semi-automatic/manual operating to work with ease, as per the requirements.

  • Compact Layout
  • Highest Utility Saver Design
  • Lower Investment Cost
  • Easy in Operation

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