Chemical Processing Equipment

We undertake Turnkey Projects for Resin Plant/Bulk Drugs/Intermediate Chemical Processing and API.
Our Equipment’s and their range includes:

  • Vacuum Reactors (1 KL to 40 KL)
  • Cryogenic Reactors (1 KL to 40 KL)
  • High-Pressure Reactors (1 KL to 40 KL)
  • Columns (100 NB to 400 NB)
  • Condenser (2m2to 200m2)
  • Receiver (Capacity: 50 lit to 1000 lit)
  • Piping Work
  • Centrifuge from 12 Inches to 48 Inches
  • Vacuum Tray Dryer (2m2to 100m2 Area)
  • Atmospheric Tray Dryer (2m2to 200m2 Area)
  • Chemical Storage Tanks and Handling.


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