Material Handling Systems

We provide a wide range of conveyors with various gradient combinations to include 45 degrees, 90 degrees, and 180 degrees.
Customized conveyors are designed for special requirements involving space and layout constraints, etc.
We design and manufacture conveying system based upon the application, in various combinations like side wall, flight angle, scoop and desired height. Conveyor and Elevators are designed for continuous operation, size, speed and overall specifications. Design criteria depend on end-use requirement.
We offer a wide range of conveyors and elevators for material handling. These include:

  • Tilt Belt
  • Inclined Conveyor
  • Downtake Conveyor
  • Nose Conveyor
  • 180 Degree/90 Degree/45 Degree Conveyor
  • Z type elevator
  • Freezer feed elevator
  • Inclined Elevator at the required angle
  • Bucket Elevator
  • Screw Conveyor
  • Dam Pat systems
  • Troll Column Unloader
  • Powder handling trolley
  • Liquid handling trolley
  • Flat belt conveyor
  • In-feed conveyor
  • Transfer conveyor
  • Flighted belt conveyor

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Based on the application, one or more of the following may be used:

  • Homogeneous Belt
  • Modular Belt
  • SS Belt
  • Sandwich Belt, etc. We make Screw Conveyor using SS304, Alloy Steel applicable to food and chemical applications.
Capacity range of 100 Kg to 10,000 Kg per hour is offered. We can undertake design and manufacture the variable capacity conveyor as per the customized requirement.

  • Chemical Powder
  • Granular Powder
  • Food Processing Waste
  • Spices
  • Metallic Dust
  • Chilly Powder
  • Turmeric Powder
  • Grains

Our Damp AT System can be applied to Gunny unloading and conveying of spices, polymers, chemical powders. Further, the system is integrated with screw conveyor for collection at an appropriate height.
The capacity range offered is 100 Kg to 1,00,000 Kg per hour along with collection Hopper and Trolley/Skid/Ball feet mounted screw conveyor, as suitable. We manufacture Liquid Handling Trolley with a suitable inclination for liquid movement. Our design is hygienic and user-friendly.

We design powder handling trolleys of suitable diameter to enable ease of cleaning and proper angle of response. We use stainless steel grades SS304/SS316 and SS304 plated wheel on the bottom side. Additionally, vibration arrangement is implemented as per application.

Xanax Online Next Day Delivery Column loader or a baggy loader is designed and engineered to efficiently load material into the processing equipment such as hoppers, mixers, grinders, waste bins, sorting tables, etc. We are specialized in Bulk Handling silo System from material receiving stage to end-product stage. We have successfully executed numerous projects involving handling of polymer grain, food powder, spice, talc and chemical powder of hygroscopic in nature.
To fulfill customer’s need and requirement, we engineer and provide the complete silo solution.
Complete handling system with silo capacity ranging from 100 Kg to 1,00,000 Kg.

  • Horizontal Live Silo.
  • Vertical Live Silo.

Depending upon customer’s satisfaction, Vertical Live Silo is offered in different configurations depending upon a type of product and desired capacity.
Based on the application, the silo is kept live by one of the following:
  • Bin Activator
  • Air Nozzles
  • Sparging System
  • Mechanical Agitators by Blade
  • Pneumatic and Electrical Vibrations
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